Greetings, I’m Haoyang Li (Lei Hou Yeung, 李昊阳)

I am currently a computer science Ph.D. student at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) under the supervision of Prof. Xin Gao.

I am broadly interested in developing computational algorithms and models to address biological and healthcare problems. My recent research focuses on medical image analysis, single-cell genomics and spatial transcriptomic.

Address: 4216-WS22, Level 4, Building 3, KAUST, Thuwal, KSA

Email: haoyang[dot]li[AT]kaust[dot]edu[dot]sa



Ph.D. student of computer science at KAUST (Aug 2021 – Present)

​ Supervised by Prof. Xin Gao


M.Sc. of computer science at Jilin Unversity (Aug 2018 – Jun 2021)

​  Supervised by Prof. Ying Xu

B.E. of software engineering at Jilin University (Aug 2014 – Jun 2018)


  • Research intern at Deepwise AI lab (Sep 2020 – Nov 2020)
  • Visiting student at KAUST (Aug 2019 – Mar 2020)

Publications ( + equal contribution)

10) Juexiao Zhou*, Bin Zhang*, Haoyang Li, Longxi Zhou, Zhongxiao Li, Yongkang Long, Wenkai Han, Mengran Wang, Huanhuan Cui, Wei Chen, Xin Gao. DeeReCT-TSS: A novel meta-learning-based method annotates TSS in multiple cell types based on DNA sequences and RNA-seq data. Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics. 2022

9) Haoyang Li, Hanmin Li, Juexiao Zhou, Xin Gao. SD2: Spatially resolved transcriptomics deconvolution through integration of spatial and dropout information. Bioinformatics. 2022

8)Longxi Zhou, Xianglin Meng, Yuxin Huang, Kai Kang, Juexiao Zhou, Yuetan Chu, Haoyang Li, Dexuan Xie, Jiannan Zhang, Weizhen Yang, Na Bai, Yi Zhao, Mingyan Zhao, Guohua Wang, Lawrence Carin, Xigang Xiao, Kaijiang Yu, Zhaowen Qiu, Xin Gao. An interpretable deep learning workflow for discovering subvisual abnormalities in CT scans of COVID-19 inpatients and survivors. Nature machine intelligence. 2022

7)Chenlong Li, Hongshan Zheng, Hua Jin, Jinsheng Xiong, Haoyang Li, Yuxin Huang, Siqi Ai, Yingjie Wang, Tianqi Su, Guiyin Sun, Xu Xiao, Tianjiao Fu, Yujie Wang, Xin Gao, and Peng Liang. miR-596-3p suppresses brain metastasis of non-small cell lung cancer by modulating YAP1 and IL-8. Cell Death & Disease. 2022

6)Haoyang Li, Juexiao Zhou, Yi Zhou, Qiang Chen, Yangyang She, Feng Gao, Ying Xu, Jieyu Chen, Xin Gao. An Interpretable Computer-Aided Diagnosis Method for Periodontitis From Panoramic Radiographs. Frontiers in Physiology. 2021

5)Longxi Zhou, Zhongxiao Li, Juexiao Zhou+, Haoyang Li+, Yupeng Chen, Yuxin Huang, Dexuan Xie, Lintao Zhao, Ming Fan, Shahrukh Hashmi, Faisal Abdelkareem, Riham Eiada, Xigang Xiao, Lihua Li, Zhaowen Qiu, Xin Gao. A rapid, accurate and machine-agnostic segmentation and quantification method for CT-based COVID-19 diagnosis. IEEE transactions on medical imaging. 2020

4)Haoyang Li, Juexiao Zhou, Yi Zhou, Jieyu Chen, Feng Gao, Ying Xu, Xin Gao. Automatic and interpretable model for periodontitis diagnosis in panoramic radiographs. MICCAI 2020. (Oral)

3)Haoyang Li+, Shuye Tian+, Yu Li+, Qiming Fang, Renbo Tan, Yijie Pan, Chao Huang, Ying Xu, Xin Gao. Modern deep learning in bioinformatics. Journal of molecular cell biology. 2020

2)Haoyang Li, Juexiao Zhou, Huiyan Sun, Zhaowen Qiu, Xin Gao, Ying Xu. CaMeRe: A Novel Tool for Inference of Cancer Metabolic Reprogramming. Frontiers in oncology. 2020

1)Renbo Tan+, Haoyang Li+, Zhenyu Huang, Yi Zhou, Mingxin Tao, Xin Gao, Ying Xu. Neural functions play different roles in Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) and non-TNBC. Scientific reports. 2020


  1. Haoyang Li, Juexiao Zhou , Xin Gao. Deetal-Perio: DEEp denTAL Advisor for Periodontitis Diagnosis based on Two-step Segmentation of Teeth and Gingiva with Lower-dimensional Features. Poster. DigitalHealth, KAUST, 2020.
  2. Haoyang Li, Juexiao Zhou, Huiyan Sun, Zhaowen Qiu, Xin Gao, Ying Xu. CaMeRe: A novel tool for inference of cancer metabolic reprogramming. Poster. Advance In Artificial Intelligence, KAUST, 2019.

Academic Service

  • Reviewer for Bioinformatics, NeurIPS, AAAI, UAI, MICCAI, ICONIP, SIGKDD

  • Organizing Committee for International Workshop on Cancer Systems Biology (ICSB 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022)

  • Organizer for CCF DragonStar Summer Course (2018, 2019, 2021)


  • In 2021:
    • Full scholarship for Ph.D. at KAUST
    • Top ten graduate students of JLU (the highest honor for graduate student in JLU, 10/7000, ranked third in the ten selected students) [official report]
    • Outstanding graduate student from JLU
  • In 2020
    • Scholarship from China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC)
    • National Scholarship of Ministry of Education
    • Outstanding student of JLU
    • First-class Scholarship of JLU
    • Academic performance scholarship of JLU
  • In 2019
    • Second-class Scholarship of JLU
    • Academic performance scholarship of JLU
  • In 2018
    • Freshman scholarship of JLU
    • Academic performance scholarship of JLU
  • In 2017
    • Recommended for admission eligibility.
  • In 2016
    • Outstanding student of JLU
    • Second-class scholarship of JLU
    • Second prize of mathematical modeling contest of China
  • In 2015
    • Outstanding student of JLU
    • First-class scholarship of JLU